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Cavalry has been an integral part of the U.S. Army since the days of the Revolution. At the start of World War II, some fifteen regular horse cavalry regiments, such as the 11th Cavalry, and dozens of National Guard units were maintained by the Army. Cavalry was not considered anachronistic in 1941. In fact, the cavalry arm was an elite element of the Army's front line troops. Even after the horse cavalry regiments had been re-cast as armored or reconnaissance units, many World War II field commanders expressed a wish for horse-troopers. For a brief time after the war, the old regiments found themselves once again mounted on horses, patroling the East German and Czechoslovakian borders as part of the constabulary charged with maintaining order in occupied Germany.

Troopers of the 11th US Cavalry (Commemorative), A Troop at the Presidio of Monterey, California. Left to right: Cpl. Bowen, Sgt. Klink, Pvt. Tripe.

The 11th U.S. Cavalry Regiment (Commemorative) is a Living History Museum which honors the last horse cavalrymen of the U.S. Army. The unit is an organizational member of the United States Cavalry Association. Our unit members are interested in collecting artifacts of the cavalry and in recreating the cavalrymen of 1941 through participation in mounted drill and public exhibitions. Our uniforms, horse equipment, riding style and formations authentically represent the pre-World War II cavalry of the U.S. Army.

11th Cavalry (Commemorative) at Camp Parks

Members of A Troop at a public appearence at Camp Parks, Dublin, California. Left to right: Sgt. Klink, Cpl. Bowen, Trooper Berg, Cpl. Frye.

If you are interested in joining us, or if you are simply interested in horses and history, please explore the web site. Sources for original and reproduction uniforms and equipment are given to all recruits and loaner gear can often be made available for the new member's first events. Good horsemanship following the manuals, training films and techniques of the U.S. Cavalry School is our number one priority. So, explore our Web site to learn more about the unit then sign up to keep the cavalry guidons flying.

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